Sannohe’s Famous Senbei
(wheat crackers)


Nanbu senbei are a special type of wheat crackers found in the southeastern area of Aomori and the northern part of Iwate Prefecture. They are made from a dough of wheat flour mixed with water, which is then grilled in a circular cast-iron press. As the cast iron mold is clamped down some of the dough overflows and cooks on the outside of the mold. This part is called the mimi in Japanese and is often the most sought-after part, much the top of a muffin.

The town of Sannohe in that Hachinohe Area is quite famous for its Nanbu senbei. Sannohe’s senbei are renowned for their crips and light texture, and after even just one bite of one of these senbei and you are sure to be hooked. Perfect as a treat to have with tea or coffee, or even as a snack to munch on alongside a refreshing beer, the Sannohe senbei are a versatile snack. The senbei come in different flavors including the original sesame seed, wild sesame, shrimp, peanut, and more. Each store has their own specialties so the options are endless!

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