A Traditional Japanese Sweets Shop

Maneido is a Japanese confectionery shop in Hachinohe which has been in operation since 1921. Located right in front of the Kushihiki Hachiman Shrine,  it is a wonderful place to pick up a sweet treat after enjoying some of Hachinohe’s fascinating history.

The store is particularly famous for a treat called Tsuruko Manju. They are small cakes filled with sweet red bean paste mixed with dark brown cane sugar and covered in shavings of rice flour mixed with sugar. These traditional Japanese confections have been beloved by the people of Hachinohe for decades. They are often given as gifts, having become over the years one of the most emblematic ‘omiyage’ or souvenirs from the Hachinohe area.

The legend goes that the creator of the treats was inspired by a dream he had of a crane one night. The crane is a very auspicious symbol in Japanese culture, so when he awoke the next day he set out to make the delicious treat and named it after his dream Tsuruko Manju, or “Crane Teacakes.” The business and the recipe for the treats have been passed down through the family ever since.

Although ‘Tsuruko Manju’ can be purchased at most souvenir shops throughout Hachinohe City, it is well worth the trip out to the original ‘Maneido’ shop. Those who visit the shop will have access to a wider selection of not only traditional confections but modern sweets (like a cream cheese manju) as well. There is also a beautiful sitting area on the second floor which is filled with traditional antique tools that were used (and few that still are!) to make Japanese confections.


Itsukamachi-2-9 Yawata, Hachinohe, Aomori 039-1105




8:30~18:00  Closed Tuesdays


By Car: 7 min from Hachinohe Station

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