Writers and artists attracted
to the Tanesashi Coast


The beautiful and diverse landscape of the Tanesashi Coast has lured many writers and painters with its beauty, leading them to produce highly-acclaimed works. One of the attractions of the Coast is that visitors can feel the cultural history of the place.

Hatsusaburo Yoshida (Painter) 1884〜1955

 Hatsusaburo Yoshida was a bird’s-eye view painter known as “the Hiroshige of the Taisho era”. Well-known as a commercial painter, he was deeply impressed by the beauty of the Tanesashi Coast and maintained an atelier/villa called Shiokansho as a base for his creative activities in the area.

Shinpei Kusano (Poet) 1903〜1988

Shinpei Kusano was greatly impressed by the view of the moonrise from the Tanesashi Coast, and composed the poem “Tanesashi-kaigan”, in which he described it as “a moon like a pomelo”.

Haruo Sato (Poet) 1892〜1964

Haruo Sato’s essay, “Beautiful Sea”, praised the beauty of the Tanesashi Coast. He also composed the school song for the area’s Tanesashi Elementary School.

Kaii Higashiyama (Painter) 1908〜1999

One of Kaii Higashiyama’s most famous works, “Road”, depicted his own mental imagery. It was based on a sketch he made during a visit to the Tanesashi Coast.

Keigetsu Omachi (Poet) 1869〜1925

Keigetsu Omachi was the first person to introduce the Tanesashi Coast to the rest of the country. Whenever he visited Lake Towada-ko he would stop at the Coast to admire the scenery.

Ryotaro Shiba (Novelist) 1923〜1996

Ryotaro Shiba visited the Tanesashi Coast to cover the “Road to Mutsu Province” in his “Kaido o yuku” (on the road) series of travel essays. He extolled it as “the first coast he would show a visitor from another planet”.

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