The Pyramid at Shingo

The pyramid at Shingo is an arrangement of stones that to the unassuming eye look like a normal old mountain. But each stone that is said to compose part of the pyramid has been given a cryptic and interesting name, such as the azimuth stone, the sunstone, the constellation stone, or the mirror stone, etc.
The site was (supposedly) constructed as a place of sun worship a long ago, with the azimuth stone lining up perfectly with the cardinal directions, the constellation stone containing (supposed) carvings of ancient constellations, and the mirror stone having (supposed) ancient writings carved on it. 

The day after Kiyomaro Takenouchi discovered the (supposed) Grave of Christ, his traveling companion Hatayama Toritani discovered this pyramid. According to the (apocryphal) Takenouchi Documents, all of the pyramids around the world have their origin in Japan. Tens of thousands of years in the past there were 7 main pyramids in the world, out of which the pyramid at Shingo is one. 


Amaike-11-41, Shingo, Sannohe-gun, Aomori

By Bus: Ride the Nanbu Bus bound for Gonohe until the last stop (40 min), then change to the bus bound for Hainai and ride it for 30 min. Get off at the ‘Nagakogi’ stop, and walk for 30 min.

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