Flowers that color the Tanesashi Coast


Said to to be home to over 650 varieties of plants, the Tanesashi Coast is known as the “Shore of Flowers” for the variety of colorful flowers that bloom here through the seasons. This complex ecosystem, nurtured by the “Yamase” northeast wind that freezes the ground in winter and keeps summers cool, which features terrain such as rocks, sand, wetlands and grasslands, pastures that have been used for horse grazing for hundreds of years, has been protected by the ceaseless conservation activities of local people who love the area.
The “Shore of Flowers” is not far from the city center, so why not wander along the seaside while you admire the flowers?

Michinoku Adonis (Adonis multiflora)Flowering season: March-April

These flowers, which announce the arrival of spring in Tanesashi, have been designated as a near-threatened species.

Ezo-no-shishiudo (Ezo angelica pubescens)Flowering season: May-July

Inhabiting the northern coast, they are distinguished by their height. The Tanesashi Coast is their southern limit.

Hamanasu (Rugosa rose): Flowering season: May-August

The name comes from the Japanese for “beach pear”. In the Hachinohe region, the seeds are used as offerings during the Obon Festival.

Hamahirugao (Beach morning glory)Flowering season: May-August

These flowering plants grow in sandy soil along the coast. They grow throughout Japan.

Nikko-kisuge (Day lily)Flowering season: June-August

These flowers, which grow in clumps in wet mountain and coastal grasslands, bloom for just a single day. They are also called “zenteika”

Nohanashobu (Japanese iris)Flowering season: June-August

These plants inhabit water side areas and wet grasslands. It is a pure breed of the classic “hanashobu” cultivar.

Sukashiyuri (Lilium maculatum)Flowering season: June-August

The flowers get their name from the gaps (“sukashi” or watermarks) between the petals. In Tanesashi, they can be seen in rocky areas.

Hachinohe tohiren (Hachinohe Saussurea)Flowering season: August-September

This plant, widepsread in the Tanesashi Coast, is a variety which became independent from the “Nanbu Saussurea” of the Kitakami Mountains.

Hamagiku (Nippon daisy) Flowering season: September-October

It is an unusual shrub member of Japan’s Asteraceae family. The Tanesashi Coast is the northern limit of its natural growth.

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