How to Get to the Hachinohe Area

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By Train

The most convenient way for many travelers to reach Hachinohe is by train. It takes just under an hour (2 hr 45 min) to get from Tokyo to Hachinohe by the Japanese bullet train (shinkansen), which is around the same time it would take one to go to the Kansai area. 

Inside the city of Hachinohe, many of the main sights to see can be reached by using the local train line the Hachinohe Line. Starting from the Hachinohe Station, you can take the line to Hon-Hachinohe Station (to access downtown), Mutsuminato Station (to access the Morning Markets), Same Station (to access Kabushima), and the Tanesashi Kaigan Station (to access the Tanesashi Coast).


Time required by Tohoku Shinkansen / Hokkaido Shinkansen

○ Tokyo→Hachinohe About 2 hours 45 minutes
○ Omiya→Hachinohe About 2 hours 20 minutes
○ Sendai→Hachinohe About 1 hour 10minutes
○ Morioka→Hachinohe About 28 minutes
○ Shin-Aomori→Hachinohe About 24 minutes
○ Shin-Hakodate Hokuto→Hachinohe About 1 hour 30minutes

Time required by main regular lines

JR Hachinohe Line

○ Hachinohe→Hon-Hachinohe About 10 minutes
○ Hachinohe→Same About 25minutes
○ Hachinohe→Tanesashi Coast About 35minutes
○ Hachinohe→Kuji About 2 hour

Aoimori Railway

○ Hachinohe→Shimokita About 1 hour 50 minutes(JR Ominato Line Direct/express train)
○ Hachinohe→Aomori About 1 hour 35 minutes(express train)
○ Hachinohe→Morioka About 1 hour 50minutes(IGR Iwate Galaxy Railway Direct)

By Plane 


The closest airport to Hachinohe is the Misawa Airport, which is around 40 to 50 min away by car. The Misawa Airport can be accessed by the Tokyo Haneda Airport, the Osaka Itami Airport, and the Sapporo Okadama Airport.  

Although the number of flights to Misawa are relatively few, taking a plane is particularly worth it if you are coming from places further away like Osaka and Sapporo. 


Time required to Hachinohe (Misawa Airport)

○ Tokyo (Haneda Airport)⇔Hachinohe (Misawa Airport): About 1 hour 25 minutes
○ Sapporo (Okadama Airport)⇔Hachinohe (Misawa Airport): About 1 hour
○ Osaka (Itami Airport)⇔Hachinohe (Misawa Airport): About 1 hour 35 minutes


Misawa Airport shuttle bus

There is a shuttle bus that conveniently connects the Misawa Airport to downtown Hachinohe. Other options include renting a car in Misawa and driving it down to Hachinohe. 

○ Misawa Airport→Hon-Hachinohe: About 50 minutes
○ Misawa Airport→Hachinohe-Yokamachi: About 55 minutes


By Car (Using the Expressway) 


Time required when using expressways

○ Aomori-Higashi IC–Hachinohe-Kita IC (Michinoku Expwy / Kamikita Expwy / Michonoku No. 2 Expwy): About 1 hour 30 minutes
○ Owani-Hirosaki–Hachinohe IC (Tohoku Expwy / Hachinohe Expwy): About 2 hours
○Morioka IC–Hachinohe IC (Tohoku Expwy / Hachinohe Expwy): About 1 hour 30 minutes
○ Sendai-Miyagi IC–Hachinohe IC (Tohoku Expwy / Hachinohe Expwy): About 3 hours 30 minutes

※Times shown are estimates. Actual driving times vary according to traffic conditions, etc.
※ It is not possible to go back and forth between the Hachinohe IC and the Hachinohe-Kita IC or between the Hachinohe IC and the Hachinohe Korekawa IC.


By Ferry

Using the Silver Ferry


The Silver Ferry is the name of the ferry that connects Hachinohe, Aomori with the city of Tomakomai, Hokkaido. It is regularly used by large trucks and other shipping vehicles but it is also convenient for those wishing to bring a car to and from Hokkaido, as well as regular travelers too. The tickets are reasonably priced and the ferry can be taken overnight and after a bus or train connection, it can be used as a great option to reach Sapporo.  

» Website for the Silver Ferry

●Estimated Time Required 

○Tomakomai⇔Hachinohe: About 8 hours (4 ferries per Day) 

●Sapporo ⇔ Hachinohe (Estimated Time) 

  • Sapporo Station
    ▼ Highway Bus (Approx. 3 hr)
  • Tomakomai
    ▼ Ferry (8 hr)
  • Hachinohe 

Special Sapporo & Hachinohe Ticket


Currently, there is a promotion taking place offering discounted tickets that include both the Ferry Ticket & Highway Bus (connecting Tomakomai & Sapporo) fares. Check out this deal to save both money and time!  

» Ticket Deal Promotion (Japanese)

How to Access to Hachinohe Port Ferry Terminal

<Silver Ferry Shuttle Bus>

○Downtown Terminal
  ▼(About 5 minutes)
○Hon-Hachinohe Station
  ▼(About 20 minutes)
○Hachinohe Port Ferry Terminal

 <Car / Taxi>

○About 20 minutes from Hachinohe Expwy Hachinohe IC
○About 20 minutes from JR Hachinohe Station
○About 15 minutes from JR Hon-Hachinohe Station

» Ferry Schedule (Japanese)  » Boarding Guide (Japanese)

Access To & From Surrounding Areas 


The Oirase Gorges & Lake Towada 

○By JR Bus [Oirase](Late April-early November)

Hachinohe Station West Exit → Towada Art Center → Yakeyama → (Oirase-keiryu) → Nenokuchi → Towada-ko (Yasumiya): About 2 hours 15 minutes

○ By Car

Hachinohe Station → Oirase-keiryu (Yakeyama): About 70 minutes
Hachinohe Station → Towada-ko (Yasumiya): About 1 hour 30 minutes

The Shimokita Peninsula(Mutsu City・Osorezan・Hotokegaura)

○ By Aoimori Railway / JR [Ominato Line]

Hachinohe Station → Noheji Station → Shimokita Station: About 1 hour 50 minutes
 Buses from Shimokita Station
Shimokita Station → Osorezan: About 45 minutes 

○ By Car

Hachinohe Station → Shimokita Station: About 2 hours 15 minutes
Hachinohe Station → Osorezan: About 2 hours 40 minutes
Hachinohe Station → Hotoke-ga-ura: About 4 hours

Kuji City, Iwate

○ By Train using the JR Hachinohe Line

Hachinohe Station → Kuji Station: About 2hour
Buses from Kuji Station
Kuji Station → Kosode-kaigan: About 35 minutes
 From Kuji Station to the Sanriku Railway (towards Sanriku)


Hachinohe Station → Kuji Station: About 1 hour 30 minutes
Hachinohe Station → Kosode-kaigan: About 1 hour 40 minutes

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