The Yodo Pine Grove


This pine forest has a walking trail running through it, giving visitors glimpses of the coast through the trees.
The forest, which contains some pine trees that are 100 years old, features some must-see spots, like the Sennin Kutsu (Hermit Cavern) where a man who loved the vista is said to have lived, the Komori Ana (Bat Hole) where bats lived, and the Jigoku Ana (Hell Hole), which legend has it that it is connected to Miyako City in Iwate Prefecture.

» An Incomparable View of Greenery The Tanesashi Coast (The Tanesashi Natural Lawn Area)
» The Tanesashi Sightseeing Bus Umineko
Aza Akako, Oaza Same-machi, Hachinohe City

Access By train: 10-minute walk from Tanesashi Kaigan Station on JR Hachinohe Line
By bus: 5-minute walk from Tanesashi Kaigan Sightseeing Bus Umineko – “Tanesashi Kaigan Information Center” stop

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