The Hasshoku Center Buses: Two Easy & Cheap Ways to Get to the Hasshoku Center

The 100-yen and 200-yen offer great ways to access the Hasshoku Center Market, home to not only the freshest seafood brought in from the port of Hachinohe, but also fresh produce, local beef and other meats, regional sake, and a dazzling array of souvenir and snack shops. The 100-yen bus runs between Hachinohe Station and the Hasshoku Center and takes 10 minutes. The 200-yen bus runs between downtown Hachinohe and the Hasshoku center and takes 15 minutes.


Timetables for the Buses:



Fare:   The Hasshoku Center 100-yen Bus: 100 yen

             The Hasshoku Center 200-yen Bus: 200 yen or less, (Elementary school children or younger: 100 yen

For More Information Contact: The Hasshoku Center 0178-28-9311