The Site of the Terashita Pagoda

The Terashita Five-Story Pagoda was erected in August of 1745 under the direction of a Buddhist priest named Genryo Shinyou. It was built on top of a 210 m (689 ft) tall hill close to the Tomyo-Do, to the west of the Kannon Hall. The pagoda was around 12m (39 ft) tall and could be seen standing on the mountain as a magnificent red pillar, even by sailors at sea. 
The ceremony that was held upon the pagoda’s completion was said to be a grand event. It was attended by both the monks of the Terashita Temple and the laypeople of the Hachinohe Domain. The pagoda was destroyed by a storm in 1913, and all that remains today is its stone foundations. It was said to be the smallest out-door five-story in Japan before it was destroyed.


Terashita, Akabonai, Hashikamicho, Sannohe-gun, Aomori

By Car: 15 min from Hashikami Station

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