The Sunday Morning Market at the Tatehana Wharf


Hachinohe’s massive Sunday morning market is held at the Tatehana Wharf in the Minatomachi area of town. It is one of the largest morning markets in Japan and extends for 800 meters. With over 300 stalls visitors will be delighted by bountiful fresh and dried seafood, freshly-harvested fruits & vegetables, homemade snacks & local dishes, and even miscellaneous household goods. The market is visited by over 10,000 people every week, making it truly a scene of chaotic fun. It is a popular spot for locals and must-visit for any traveler. 

» Embrace the Chaos Japan’s Biggest Morning Market
» The ISABA Bus A Great Way To Get To the Morning Market
Tatehana Wharf, Shin-Minato, Hachinohe City
080-5734-3251 (Minato Sunday Morning Market Cooperative)
Sunrise–about 9:00 AM, every Sunday morning 
Regular Holidays:
Closed from January through mid-March
By car: 20 minutes from Hachinohe Expressway
Hachinohe IC, 25 minutes from JR Hachinohe Station
10 minutes from downtown Hachinohe
By train: 10-minute walk from JR Hachinohe Line Mutsuminato Station
By bus: Isaba Sunday Morning Market Loop Bus – “Tatehana-Gyoko-Mae” bus stop
※The 5:55 bus from downtown is usually quite busy, we recommend taking the one that leaves 10 minutes later (6:05)
The Sunday Morning Market Loop Bus ISABA

Walking the route to the Sunday Morning Market at Tatehana Wharf from the Mutsuminato Station 


Returning to Downtown & Hachinohe Station by Bus & Train
(DT= Departure Time, AT= Arrival Time)

The ISABA 100 yen Bus (departs from the Tatehana Gyoko Mae Stop)
・Tatehana Gyoko Mae (DT) 7:23→Downtown (Muika Machi)  (AT) 7:40
・Tatehana Gyoko Mae (DT) 8:03 →Downtown (Muika Machi)  (AT) 8:20

You can also take a regular bus back to the Downtown Area
For the F1 Bus
・Tatehana Gyoko Mae Stop (DT) 7:25 →Downtown (Muika Machi) (AT) 7:40
・Tatehana Gyoko Mae Stop (DT) 7:50 →Downtown (Muika Machi) (AT) 8:05
For the N61 Bus
・Tatehana Gyoko Mae Stop (DT) 8:45 →Downtown (Muika Machi) (AT) 9:00
・Tatehana Gyoko Mae Stop (DT) 9:25 →Downtown (Muika Machi)  (AT) 9:40
  (Adults  200 yen, Children 100 yen)
 ※The stops for the ISABA 100 bus and the regular buses are on opposite sides of the road

Returning by JR Train (Departing from the Mutsuminato Station)
・(DT) 8:10 → (AT) 8:17 Hon-Hachinohe → (AT) 8:27 Hachinohe 
・(DT) 8:33 →(AT) 8:40 Hon-Hachinohe →(AT) 8:50 Hachinohe
・(DT) 9:25 →(AT) 9:31 Hon-Hachinohe →(AT) 9:41 Hachinohe

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