Aomori’s Shamorock Chicken

The Aomori Shamorock Chicken hatched as an original chicken breed in 1990. The chicken was developed by the former livestock research institute in Gonohe, which as a town had already had a long history of chicken breading.
The effort took 20 years for the breed to finally be created, but when it was finished, a truly perfect chicken was made.

The Shamorock chicken breed was made by combining of the Plymouth Rock breed of chicken, known for its high-quality meat, and the Aomori native Shamo breed of chicken, which is known for its superior textured meat. The aptly named ‘Shamo-rock’ chicken inherited the best of both traits from its parents, becoming a superior tasting chicken in every way.

To protect the quality and ensure the integrity of the breed, the Aomori Specialty Product Shamorock Chicken Brand Promotional Committee was formed. Only chicken farmers who have been checked and approved by this committee are allowed to rear this special breed of chicken. The chickens take twice as long as most broiler chickens to raise. This is said to be the reason the chickens have a concentrated chicken flavor and one of the reasons the meat tastes so good. 

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