Osuka Beach


This sandy beach, which extends roughly 2.3 kilometers, is the largest in northern Tohoku that can be traversed by foot. It is known for its “singing sand” that makes a squeaking sound below your feet, which is said to be proof of the cleanliness of the sand that contains very few impurities. Swimming is prohibited, but many people stroll along the shore during the warm summer months and enjoy the singing sand beneath them.
This coast has also been designated one of Japan’s top 100 beaches.

» Shore of Flowers & Singing Sands Tanesashi Coast (The Ashigezaki Scenic Lookout & the Osuka Coast Area)
» The Tanesashi Sightseeing Bus Umineko
Aza Hikagezawa, Same-machi, Hachinohe City

By car: 40 minutes from Hachinohe Station, 30 minutes from downtown Hachinohe, 35 minutes from Hachinohe IC on Hachinohe Expressway
By train: 50-minute walk from Same Station on JR Hachinohe Line, 25-minute walk from Mutsu-Shirahama Station on JR Hachinohe Line
By bus: Tanesashi Kaigan Sightseeing Bus Umineko – “Osuka Kaigan” stop
Yes (limited number of spaces)

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