This is one of the views that typifies the Tanesashi Coast. Also referred to as “Hana no Nagisa (Floral Beach),” various flowers bloom along the walking trail that traverses the inlet of the reef.
Various seaside plants, such as the morning glory Calystegia soldanella and the lily Lilium maculatum, as well as alpine flora such as Hemerocallis esculenta and Iris ensata, bloom side by side along the walking trail in early summer, creating a rare and fantasy-like atmosphere.

» Shore of Flowers & Singing Sands Tanesashi Coast (The Ashigezaki Scenic Lookout & the Osuka Coast Area)
» The Tanesashi Sightseeing Bus Umineko
Hikagezawa, Oaza Same-machi, Hachinohe City

By car: 35 minutes from Hachinohe Station, 25 minutes from downtown Hachinohe, 30 minutes from Hachinohe IC on Hachinohe Expressway
(Walk from Ashigezaki Observation Deck)
(Walk from Ashigezaki Observation Deck)
By bus: 5-minute walk from Tanesashi Kaigan Sightseeing Bus Umineko – “Ashigezaki Tenbodai-mae”stop
Yes (Use the Ashigezaki Observation Deck parking lot)

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