The Momokawa Sake Brewery

The Momokawa Sake brewery was established in 1889 and is famous for its excellent quality sake. 
The brewery is named after the Momo river that runs next to it. The company over its history has continued its mission to make the best sake possible and has adopted the motto of ‘making people happy by making delicious sake’.
The brewery uses water from 250m below ground, from the Oirase river that flows out Lake Towada, to brew its sake. The sake made by the Momokawa brewery is known for its smooth and mellow taste. The rice used in the sake of brewing is a mix of Aomori-grown masshigura rice and yamadanishiki rice, which is said to be the best rice for brewing sake, and others.
TheMomokawa brewery produces several labels of sake. The namesake label, Momokawa Sake, is known for its richness, while the companies Nebuta label is known for its clean and clear taste. Its Sugidama label conversely is known for its umasa or rich body. These three Momokawa labels are highly renowned in the sake world and commonly referred to by people in the area as the  Momokawa Big 3.


112 Kamiakedo, Oirase, Kamikita District, Aomori

Weekdays 8:30~17:00(Excluding Sat, Sun, & Holidays)
Obon & New Year Holiday Season
By Car: 20 min from Hachinohe Station, 25 min from Misawa Airport, 5 min from Shimoda/ Momoishi IC
Bus: (From Hachinohe): Take the Towada Kankou Dentetsu Bus for Towada and get off at the ‘Kokuho Orirase Byou-In Mae’ stop. (From Shimoda Station): Take the Oirase town bus, Southern line (Nan-sen) and get off at the ‘Momoishi Chuo’ bus stop.
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