The Miroku-Yokocho:
Hachinohe’s Most Famous Drinking Alleyway


The Miroku Yokocho is Hachinohe’s most famous yokocho or drinking alleyway. It is lined with 26 stalls, or yatai, each no bigger than a hole in a wall, and many of which can only hold 10 or fewer people. Each yatai is unique, having its distinct decorations, styles, and atmosphere. Many of the stalls focus on a theme when deciding their menus, ranging from sushi and sake to wine & meat to vegetable-centered cuisine, so there is sure to be a yatai right for everyone. 

The Miroku Yokocho is one of the most commonly visited places amongst visitors to Hachinohe, but more than just a spot for tourists, the drinking alleyway is fixture amongst the community as well. With the stalls being so small there are no barriers between different groups of customers or the staff behind the counter. The conversation in the yatai is commonly animated and quickly spreads to involve everyone present in the stall, if not spilling out even into the next stall over occasionally. Business professionals, college students, grandparents, homemakers, international visitors, and government employees all squeeze together in these cozy spaces to drink, eat, and talk the night away into the early hours of the Hachinohe morning. 

» About the Yokocho of Hachinohe

between Mikkamachi and Muikamachi, Hachinohe City
 Vary by shop
Regular Holidays:
Vary by shop
By car: 20 minutes from Hachinohe Station
7 minutes from Hachinohe Expressway Hachinohe IC
By train: 10-minute walk from JR Hachinohe Line Hon-Hachinohe Station
By bus: Hachinohe City Bus / Nanbu Bus – Hachinohe Chushingai Terminal “Mikkamachi” or “Muikamachi” bus stop
No parking (Paid parking is available in the neighborhood)

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