Monument of 「Michi」
by Higashiyama Kaii

The current Prefectural Highway 1 that runs parallel to Tanesashi Coast was the model for the famous painting “Michi” (Road) painted by Kaii Higashiyama in 1950.. This monument was erected at the site where it is believed that “Michi” was painted. In actuality, Higashiyama omitted the Samekado Lighthouse you can see from the road, and the painting represents the symbolic world projected by his imagery.  Higashiyama, who gained notoriety as a landscape painter, established his own unique identity as an artist through “Michi.” Even though the road has since been paved, many people travel here to immerse themselves in the world of this famous painting.

» Shore of Flowers & Singing Sands Tanesashi Coast (The Ashigezaki Scenic Lookout & the Osuka Coast Area)
» The Tanesashi Sightseeing Bus Umineko

Hikagezawa, Oaza Same-machi, Hachinohe City

Access By car: 40 minutes from Hachinohe Station, 30 minutes from downtown Hachinohe, 30 minutes from Hachinohe IC on Hachinohe Expressway
By train: 50-minute walk from Same Station on JR Hachinohe Line, 35-minute walk from Mutsu-Shirahama Station on JR Hachinohe Line
By bus: 3-minute walk from Tanesashi Kaigan Sightseeing Bus Umineko – “Osuka Kaigain” stop

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