Year-Round Fruit Picking in Nanbu

The town of Nanbu has been dubbed The King of Fruit in the North and befitting of this name, you can pick fresh fruit year-round in the town, no matter the season or weather.
The town experiences large differences in temperature throughout the year, which has a town has allowed fruit farmers to grow a wide variety of delicious fruits. Out of all the fruit that the town grows, it is most famous for its cherries. The cherries of Nanbu are known to be super sweet, fragrant, and huge. Nanbu is also increasingly well known for its General Leclerc pears, which have a velvety texture and great taste! There are so many types of fruits available in Nanbu, that even within the types of fruits themselves there are so many varieties that you can pick and try. 
It doesn’t matter what season you choose to visit Nanbu, there will always be an amazingly delicious and fresh piece of fruit waiting for you to try. Even more than just picking the fruit, visitors interested in learning about how the town cultivates its fruit during agricultural related activities like tree felling, artificial pollinating, and tree pruning! 
Click here for a list of fruit available for picking in Nanbu by season.  

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