Hanakoji is an east-west alleyway, intersecting with Miroku Yokocho (which links Mikkamachi and Muikamachi). As buildings increased with the redevelopment of downtown area, Hanakōji was named in the hope that it would become a lane full of blooming flowers (“hana”). During the daytime, the Hanayoko Market sells fruit, vegetables and pre-made dishes to take home.

About Yokocho of Hachinohe
Between Jurokunichimachi and Mirokuyokocho
Hachinohe City
Vary by shop
Regular Holidays
Vary by shop
By train: 15-minute walk from JR Hachinohe Line Hon-Hachinohe Station
By bus: Hachinohe City Bus / Nanbu Bus – “Hachinohe Chushingai Terminal (Mikkamachi / Muikamachi)” stop
No parking (Parking is available in the neighborhood)

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