Gonohe’s Old Fire Station

In 1879, Gonohe’s old fire station was originally built by a private fire brigade, but the building burned down during a large fire in 1913. Upon the request of the local townspeople in the area, another building was built to replace it using the same design in 1933.

The fire station is a two-floor, 12.7m wooden structure with a watchtower. The building has remained unaltered in appearance except for a renovation of the front side in 1940 that took place to make room for the station’s firetruck.

The architectural components, such as the wooden paneling of its sidewalls and the semi-circular arched window on the 2nd floor, are great examples of the Western-style architectural influences that were being used in Japan during the time that the building was constructed. This station, particularly with its red domed watchtower, is a model example of the architecture style employed when constructing fire stations in the southern area of the prefecture during the Meiji era.  As such, the building became a designated prefectural treasure in July of 2003, and even more exciting, it still functions as a fire station to this day!


Noduki-2, Gonohe, Sannohe District, Aomori

By Bus: From the Hachinohe Station take the Nanbu Bus for Gonohe
(after around 30 min)get off at the 「Aramachi」stop. 
By Car: 25 min from the Hachinohe station, 30 min from the Hachinohe Kita IC 

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