Cherry Picking (Late June ~ Mid July)

The cherries in the Nango Area are said to be extra sweet and extra big. This because of the two factors: the elevation at which they are grown and the large temperature differences that the region experiences throughout the year. The cherries are grown in greenhouses, so you can go cherry-picking even on rainy days!

Plan Details

Season: Late June ~ Mid July
2018 Season: 6/23/18~ Mid July
Please see the flyers and links below for more information about the cherry orchards

Cherry Picking flyer
Cheery Orchard Flyer
Estimated Time Required:
60 min all-you-can-eat sessions available (reservation required)
Picking Fee:
 Middle School and Older 800 yen
Elementary School 500 yen
Toddlers 300 yen
# of People: 
Please Confirm on when you make a reservation 
For Details & Reservations: 
Please contact the Green Plaza Nango(located in the Nango Roadside Station, or Michi-no-Eki in Japanese)
TEL 0178-82-2902
Home Page:

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