AC Promote:
Your Guide to the Hachinohe Area

Explore the Hachinohe Area on a『Hachinohe Local Tour』run by AC Promote

AC Promote is a great local organization that offers a variety of tours to make the Hachinohe Area easier for visitors to explore.

The tours vary from guided walking tours of places like downtown Hachinohe and the morning markets to making your own Yawata uma horse figurine. Until recently, AC Promote focused most of their tours on the Tanesashi Coast. But as they have begun to encompass more and more of the Hachinohe Area into their programs, their tour options have continued to grow and diversify.  

The tours of AC Promote pair you with a great local guide who will make traveling within the Hachinohe area easy, rewarding, and fun! Many of the programs offered are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that can’t be found anywhere else. So check out their options, book a tour, and enjoy a unique and carefree time in Hachinohe!

AC Promote’s English Website

AC Promote’s Japanese Website

Address: Tanakubo-14-124, Samemachi, Hachinohe Aomori

Phone: 0178-38-8420

Fax: 0178-38-8410