Strawberry Picking (Early January ~ Late May)

Come pick strawberries in the warmth of a greenhouse as the cold Hachinohe winter rages on outside. The area of Nango is known for its amazing tasting strawberries that you can pick all through the winter! The strawberries are perfectly red, juicy, balanced with a sweet-tart flavor, and just waiting to be plucked! 


From Early January ~ Late May
Mon/Wed/Fri/Sat/Sun 9:00~16:00 (Closed Tues & Thurs)
Strawberry Farm: The Izumishimizu Strawberry Farm

Flyer for Strawberry Picking
Map for Strawberry Picking
Estimated Time Required:
60 min all-you-can-eat sessions available (reservation required)
Picking Fee: Middle School &Older 1,500 yen
Elementary School 1,300 Yen
3 and Older 700 Yen
# of People:
 Please Confirm on when you make a reservation 
For Details & Reservations: Please contact the Izumishimizu Strawberry Producers Co-op
TEL 0178-82-2881(9:00〜16:00)

※Please make sure you make a reservation ahead of timeHomepage:

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