Cycling the Tanesashi Coast


Starting from 2019, bicycles equipped with recorded guidance and battery-powered assistance are available for rent on the Tanesashi Coast. Travel along the beautiful Tanesashi Coast as you enjoy the beautiful scenery, fresh ocean breeze, and freedom provided by these convenient and easy to use bikes!

May 1 ~ Oct 31

●Where to Rent
①From the Tanesashi Natural Lawn Area
Tanesashi Tourism Association (14-117, Tanakubo, Same, Hachinohe City)

②From the Same Station Area
Takaya Shoe Store (6-2, Mochikoshizawa, Same, Hachinohe City)

※Closed on the 2nd & 3rd Tuesday of the Month

●Available for Rent:
There are 10 bicycles available for rent. All 10 can be rented out at the same time, but as numbers are limited we recommend calling ahead to reserve.

●Rental Cost:
3 hrs: 1,000 yen 1 day: 1,500 *Please note there is a 500yen charge for not returning the bicycles to the same place that you rented it from.

Recommended Route 

JR Same Station (Takaya Shoe Stores)

Rent the Bicycles from the Takaya Shoe Store by the Same Station 


Around 5 min from the JR Same Station by bicycle (1.2 km). The road between the two is quite busy so be careful. From March to around July the Kabushima area is home to thousands of black-tailed gulls.

About the Kabushima Area
About Kabushima

2.The Ashigezaki Scenic Overlook

Around a 20 min Ride (2.5 km) from Kabushima. 
The area between Kabushima and the Ashigezaki scenic overlook provides some of the most beautiful scenery on the Tanesashi Coast. But it also quite a few steep hills so get ready to use the bikes battery-powered assist! Once again, the road is usually busy be careful when biking. Once arriving at the scenic overlook enjoy a nice break and treat yourself to an ice-cream from the Holonbuir café.

About the Ashigezaki Area
About the Ashigezaki Scenic Overlook


Around a 1 min Ride (0.2 km) from the Ashigezaki scenic overlook. 
From the beginning of summer, large amounts of wildflowers bloom along the Nakasuka walking path.

About the Ashigezaki Area
About Nakasuka

4. The Michi Marker

Around a 2 min Ride (0.5 km) from the Ashigezaki scenic overlook. 
This stretch of land served as the inspiration for the artist Higashiyama’s famous painting Michi or Road. This portion of the road is a continuous slope up, but once you reach the top you will be rewarded by the sprawling view of the Osuka Beach that will unfold before your eyes.

About the Ashigezaki Area
About the Michi Marker
About the Osuka Beach

5. Shirahama (White Beach)

Around a 10 min Ride (2.2 km) from the Michi marker. 
A beautiful and wide beach stretches from the Osuka Beach to Shirahama. Although the road is quite hilly, be careful of your speed as the road is also frequently trafficked by cars.

About the Ashigezaki Area
About the Shirahama Swimming Beach

6.The Tanesashi Natural Lawn

Around a 12 min Ride (2.4 km) from Shirhama
Traveling past the beaches, the road enters a cooling pine grove and eventually arrives at the Tanesashi Natural Lawn. Beautiful green grass unfolds right on the coast, creating a picture-perfect spot to rest after a long bike ride.

About the Natural Lawn Area
About the Yodo Pine Grove
About the Tanesashi Natural Lawn
About the Tanesashi Coast Information Center

7.The Takaiwa Scenic Overlook

Around a 11 Ride (1.5 km) from the Tanesashi Natural Lawn. 
A secret spot with no parking lot, this overlook is a great place to stop by when using the rental bikes. As the tallest point on the Tanesashi Coast (at 42m) this overlook provides a great view of the surrounding area.

About the Okuki Area
About the Takaiwa Scenic Overlook

8.Benten Island & the Itsukushima Shrine

Around a 13 min Ride (1.7 km) from the Takaiwa overlook. 
The Benten Island (currently connected by a cement pathway) is another breeding ground for the black-tailed gulls that is located on the Tanesashi Coast. Located in the Okuki area, cycling to the “island” provides views of daily life in a small Japanese fishing community.

About the Okuki Area
About the Benten “Island” & Itsukushima Shrine
About the Hamagoya

The Tanesashi Tourism Association

Around a 22 min Ride(2.9 km) from the Benten Island. 
Right Next to the Tanesashi Natural Lawn, you can return your bicycle to the staff at the Tanesashi Tourism Association.