Renting a Car in Hachinohe

Many of the sightseeing spots in the Hachinohe Area can be reached by public transportation, but using a car is highly recommended. Below is a list of rental car companies that can be found in Hachinohe. 
Closest StationNameAddressPhone



Hachinohe Station

JR Eki-rent-a-car-system Hachinohe15-2 Uchiyasawa Shiriuchimachi, Hachinohe 039-11010178-27-2882
Orix Rent-a-Car Hachinohe Station1-1-10 Ichibanchō, Hachinohe 039-11020178-23-5543
Toyota Rent a Car Hachinohe Sta. East Ext.1-3-14 Ichiban-cho, Hachinohe 039-11020178-70-2100
NISSAN Rent a Car Hachinohe Station 1-2-15 Ichiban-cho, Hachinohe 039-11020178-23-3723
NICONICO Rent a Car Hachinohe Sta. East Ext.Happyakukari-23-2 Shiriuchimachi, Hachinohe 039-11010178-27-2024
Nippon Rent-A-Car Hachinohe Station East Exit1-chōme-8-19 Ichibanchō, Hachinohe 039-11020178-23-2533
Time Car Rental Hachinohe Station 1-2-30, Ichiban-cho, Hachinohe 039-11020178-70-2725

Hon-Hachinohe Station &

Miyago Auto Lease2-chōme-4-17 Kashiwazaki, Hachinohe 031-00810178-47-0385
NICONICO Rent a Car Honhachinohe Station 1-9-10 Shiroshita, Hachinohe 031-0072 0178-43-5709
J-net Rent a Car1-8-18 Numadate, Hachinohe 031-00710178-45-7007

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